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27th Annual QIDC 100 Mile Yard Sale July 19 & 20, 2024

The 2024 QIDC 100 Mile Yard Sale t-shirts are now available to purchase in our store.  They are preorder only right now.  They will be printed in June and shipped out on July 1st to those who paid to have them shipped.

You can preorder your 2024 Yard Sale Shirts now.  They will be shipped out or can be picked up starting July 1st. 

We still have some 2023 Yard Sale Shirts available for purchase as well as other event shirts and even a bumper sticker.  You can find everything in our Shop.  

If you would like to participate in selling items during this event, you may contact one of the locations listed below.  This list may be updated as we hear back from some of the places that we reached out to.

Cramer Family Mountain Inn (814) 380-7569

Driftwood Sr Center (814) 546-2331

Karthaus Fire Hall (814) 470-3975

Karthaus Park (Betsy McCann) (814) 263-4367

Le Contes Mills Firehall (814) 263-4356

Pine Glen Fire Hall (814) 592-4912

Pleasant Valley UM Church (814) 771-8396

Shawville United Methodist Church (814) 765-7332

Sinnemahoning Tavern (814) 546-2888

Snow Shoe Firehall (814) 571-6589

The Willows in Sinnemahoning (814) 335-8026

Please secure your site first before registering by either paper or using our online registration.

Below you will find three links for you to use for booking your stay here while shopping.  Why not come for a few extra days and take in some of the other attractions and events that are going on during this same time as our 100 Mile Yard Sale. 

The directory for the 2024 QIDC 100 Mile Yard Sale will not be available until Memorial Day weekend.  The cost is still $5 if you would like one shipped to you. 

If you are looking for lodging information, please go to one of these websites and check out their accommodation or lodging page for a list of places to stay. You will also find other attractions in the area that you can visit while in the area.    or   or
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